Cool things from the weekend

A weekend without competing with the robot! It’s amazing how many cool things can happen over the weekend when you’re not in an arena for most of it:

– After studying my butt off for most of the week, I took the Miller Analogies Test on Sat morning. I have a blog post brewing about it and I’ll let you know when it’s ready.

– We had a bunch of people over and we watched the Chesapeake Regional, followed by Sacramento. Chesapeake was fun to watch since we had a lot of friends competing. My high school team (currently now run by my dad) came in 2nd place and did an overall awesome job. Sacramento was good, but ran long. We literally watched half of a DVR’d episode of Wipeout while waiting between just one finals match.

– My Mr. made his first attempt at homemade espinaca. It needs some tweaking, but it’s definitely on the right track.

– In an attempt to get spring to get here already, we bought patio furniture! We also talked about our outdoor strategy for the spring/summer. Very very exciting stuff.

– I futzed with paint upstairs. We’re currently trying to find a happy medium between “too dark” (me) and “this looks like a bathroom” (the Mr.). I want something turquoise-ish. All the ones on the left are very blue – and the three from the right are my 2nd round of samples.

– We attempted to pick out tile for our kitchen backsplash again. More on that soon.

What did you do this weekend?


One Comment on “Cool things from the weekend”

  1. Eugenia Fandunyan says:

    I’M SO PROUD OF YOU FOR TAKING THAT TEST THING! I know you did awesome, cause your Jess! I also very much like all of the blues, and I very much think you should pick two colors instead of one. And don’t listen to the Mr. He’s just a man anyways :p I love you, and I will follow you for ever and ever and ever ❤ YOUR AWESOME

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