Tackling the Yarrrrrrrrd as a Team

When I was test driving cars a few years back I wanted to try out Toyota’s new subcompact, the Yaris. This dealership was brave(?) enough to let my Mr and I test drive it on our own and bring it back when we were done. No sooner than the door closed did I start to hear giggling from the passenger seat.

Which only meant one thing. My husband thought something that was so funny that it’s making him giggle like a small child. After some more giggling he said quietly, “Yarrrrrrris.” Yes. My husband was making a pirate joke a mere 3 seconds into the test drive.

This lasted for the entirety of the test drive…he would exclaim “Yarrrrrris!” and then giggle for a while, the giggles would then die down for a moment and then he would think of it again and giggle some more. He was a perpetual giggle machine.

After we left the dealership, he said, “So, are you going to get the ….giggle…snort….Yaris?” I could tell he was trying to contain himself.
“No, I don’t know if I could handle 5 years of car payments while you make pirate jokes every time you get in.” And that’s how I bought my Scion.

There’s many things we do separately, but car shopping and working on the yarrrr – I mean, yard, has always been done together. Our priorities on the yard has always been:
1.) Keep it easy to maintain
2.) Make it look nice

Here’s where we started the weekend with.

The flowers were left over from the previous owners. They flower once and then don’t do much after that.

This weekend we tackled the major lawn maintenance projects:
Wake up the lawn from its long winter’s nap

First off was raking all the leftover leaves and mowing them into mulch. Afterwards, we put down GrubEx, fertilizer, and lime. We are both rather new to the lawn care realm and are still experimenting.

I’m amazed at how nice the lawn looks with just a haircut. I hope this year it grows well.

The Mr. also experimented with some patch seed grower. I think the only tough thing here is the instructions require twice a day watering – which is rough on our schedule.

Dig flower beds into the front and sides
This was my major project. It consisted of digging up the old plants and grass, removing the old mulch, mixing topsoil in, adding drainage rock, and putting new mulch on. I plan on planting next weekend.

Bonus: Pretty up the side entrance

Although I didn’t get a before shot, I finally got over my fear of what’s possibly living under the stairs and cleaned out the leaves. After adding some mulch, it looks a whole lot better. Anyone want a giant pile of bricks? We have a ton of them.

Working together on different projects made this a totally doable weekend project. And now I have two very dirty hands, a very tired husband, and a satisfied weekend.


One Comment on “Tackling the Yarrrrrrrrd as a Team”

  1. Eugenia says:

    I remembered how you said comments make you happy, so here I go!
    1. The mental pictures I got of Andy giggling really made my day MUCH better.
    2. I think you should grow cucumbers. Cause cucumbers are good and easy to grow. 😀
    3. Your lawn is missing a pink flamingo. Just so you know . . .
    Have a great day!

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