The itch to stitch

One day not so long ago I had the itch to stitch.

Don’t know when it started, but I believe it’s a perfect storm of getting sick of staring at my bare kitchen windows, finding a tutorial for faux roman shades online, and discovering a hidden JoAnn Fabrics only 10 minutes away.

Fabrik Inspectun
So off to JoAnns I went, and I found the perfect graphic fabric. Perfect width…but not enough in the length, which I could make do with since I was folding the bottoms upwards.

Line it up using the pattern
If sewing makes you nervous (which it totally does for me), a graphic fabric works well since you can line things up using the print.

This tutorial was originally found through House of Turquoise, then went over to Cameras and Chaos, and finally ended at Centsational Girl. Whew! What a mouthful!

I’m not going to give you all the steps (since she does such a great job already), but I will let you know where I deviated:

On the wall!
1. I did not attach the shade directly to the wall. Since we have old windows our blinds are attached inside the frame, and jut out more than normal. To compensate I bought 3″ depth curtain rods and allocated enough on the top seam to fit the rod through.

This is how they looked right before we threw a party.
2. I also did not put the dowel in the bottom because the fabric was heavy to begin with, so it drapes well on it’s own. I also did not put light blocking fabric behind it because, well, I didn’t feel like it.

Binder clips. Really.
3. I used binder clips and safety pins to gauge my folds. I’m a big fan of testing a decoration and staring at it for a while.

This is very serious stuff.Party + curtain unveiling = umm.
4. Having your friends weigh in on it is also great party discussion. You’ll notice the final fold is different than the test shots.

Oh, and the total cost: $13 for the fabric, $5 for the curtain rods, 1 Ramones album and a glass of wine (but I already owned the last two).

If you’re looking to waste another 10 minutes on the Internet, you can watch our same friend who inspected our curtains propose to his girlfriend at the top of a mountain…well, ok, it’s about 7 min of my husband wheezing up the hill and 3 minutes of awesome proposal, but you get the idea.


One Comment on “The itch to stitch”

  1. Jenny says:

    Those turned out great! And I love the pattern. It goes great with the yellow (I love a yellow kitchen.) I’m also kinda scared of my own sewing machine, so sewing projects are few and far between.

    (I followed your Flickr pic from the Offbeat Home group, btw.)

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