Oh hi.

So, a lot has happened in my absence. Let’s just say I was entertaining lots and lots of guests over the past few weeks and I haven’t been able to update you properly.

In any case, guess what happened to the upstairs of Chez Boucher!?! If you’re watching my Flickr, you already know…we painted. Now, our upstairs is different than most capes… Normally you would see two bedrooms upstairs, but the previous owners added a half dormer and knocked down the wall one one bedroom to make a loft. I wanted to paint these to feel like the master suite that I always imagined the upstairs to be…so they got the same color.

Something I’m experimenting in this house is of matched pairs. The kitchen and the living room are both shades of yellow, the spare bedroom and the office are both grey, and the upstairs has teal in the loft and the bedroom. I wanted the rooms to feel bigger, and plus it allows us to easily share accessories between the rooms.

More on the bedroom later, but for now, here’s the color of the loft…

View down the stairs


Now, with all the corners, it wasn’t without its oops…

Oops 1Oops 3

…but this was because we decided to paint it freehand as opposed to tape off the ceiling, since the ceiling needs to be painted anyway. So, I can live with the oops, because I love the walls and the fact that I can finally hang stuff up. More on that later, too.

I sure missed you guys. Can’t wait to update more soon!
View into the bathroom


2 Comments on “Oh hi.”

  1. J says:

    So what color did you paint? It’s so hard to pick nice blues 🙂

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