The other half of painting the upstairs includes finishing the bedroom. After finishing the loft, my painting resources (aka, my husband) would not be available to help for quite a while. So sometimes, you just have to do it yourself.

This is what I like to call sprint-painting. This occurred over a weekend where I didn’t have anything scheduled and my husband was scheduled for most of the weekend. Here’s how it went down:

Sprint 1 – Friday: 5pm. Get out of work, head home, raid the fridge, and move all your furniture into the middle of the room. Sand down the seafoam green.
Bedroom beforeBedroom before

Friday 10pm: Wash the layer of dust off, sleep in the middle of the room.

Sprint 2 – Saturday 8am: Wake up, find another set of painting clothes (aka not the dust covered ones), and paint the part that needs to dry first. In this case, that’s where the bed sits.
Bedroom midway

Sprint 3 – Saturday 11am: Shuffle stuff around and paint the other half while the first half dries. Head out and find lunch.

Sprint 4 – Saturday 3pm: Shuffle stuff back and paint the 2nd coat.

Sprint 5 – Saturday 8pm: Have your husband call and ask, “you painted? really?”

Really, even two coats of paint is totally doable even if the room is a good size and you plan it out well. Anyway, here’s the results!
Bedroom after!
The cleanest my table has ever been
Hellllllo closet space

And my personal favorite, with a little moooood lighting…
A little mood lighting


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