Upcycling ideas

I finally feel like I got over the hurdle this week. I was working like crazy with work and school and I feel that I can finally catch my breath. I probably shouldn’t say that too loud, else the Universe is listening.

2012-10-03 at 10.02.38

I got to put my robot knowledge to good use since we last spoke, as a coworker needed a motor identified to find a replacement. After taking the housing apart it turned out to be a common Mabuchi, but the only replacements we could find had a shaft that was too short to fit into the pump assembly that it needed to interface with.

I also finally got to share the Conference model addition that we’re looking to integrate into the current district model proposed by FIRST. This has been lurking in my head for a while, and to get it down on paper, albeit digital, is a huge step for us. In essence, a set number of slots in the district would be set aside for non-native teams to apply for, and upon acceptance, would give them all the rights of a district team for two years. This makes the walls flexible, gives a predictable revenue range for both organizations, and allows teams to try out districts. I honestly think it would allow for more acceptance of the district model nationwide. That’s the exciting part about getting it out there: it’s becoming more real each day, and it’s really cool when you see something you are building in the wild.

I also went back to CT for the weekend and went to an Alanis Morrisette concert with my mother. I had forgotten about a lot of songs that she played, and…you know how people associate songs, smells, or places with particular times of their life? Yeah, that happened to me. The brain is a fascinating thing sometimes.

Which of course, ties into my class assignment for this week 🙂 I had to prepare early for the class tomorrow because my group is presenting on Social Constructivism. Granted, the constructivism group just went the week before, so there’s not too much else to present, but we hope to dig deep into Activity Theory and the More Knowledgeable Other. The MKO is the entity that allows the learner to make the jump through the Zone of Proximal Development, which is the gap between what the learner can learn on their own and what they could learn with help. It doesn’t always have to be a person who is the MKO, the internet and other knowledge resources could aptly stand in.

I apparently was a huge fan of social constructivism even before I knew what it was. This whole idea of working in groups, learning from mentors, and crowdsourcing solutions through competitive robotics is essentially what Vygotsky was getting at decades ago deep in Soviet Russia.

And in the end, I guess this post is about new applications of ideas that aren’t exactly new, but are still exciting. They just get brought up again and again through an idea, or in a song, or anywhere. It’s up to us to see them, upcycle them and put them to good use.


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