A roar or a murmur.

After a well-deserved break for Thanksgiving, I decided to jump back into the swing of things and talk about transformative learning, which we covered the week before. My favorite part was the activity: where we discussed with the person next to us about something we wanted to change and all the questions we should ask ourselves as to how to make that happen: who are our supporters and what is holding us back.

A big thing that stuck out to me was that they mentioned these transformative moments as these large things that occur, such as a sudden illness or a great message brought to you. But to me, sometimes those moments come in a murmur, very quietly. They could be a pattern of murmurs that causes you to change, or something that is very quiet but unsettling. I find those more powerful than the large life changing moments for me.


One Comment on “A roar or a murmur.”

  1. Looove thiiiis!!! Listen to the murmurs before they become roars. 🙂

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