It’s gonna be a Happy New Year.

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So here we are again. First off, Blogs, I love you, but please stop with the end of year re-posts of all your other posts. Please do something different.

Now that that’s out of my system, I would rather discuss a typical NYE in Chez Boucher.

  • Working. Yes, I really enjoy working on NYE. Since many people take the holiday, it’s usually quiet, and it’s a great time to wrap up projects and set up for next year. Since our hosting skills are deferred to next week for the pre-Kickoff party, we don’t make a huge deal out of the holiday. 
  • Reflection. This is a must-do for me. Since I’m awful at journaling free-hand, I need a prompt. The best one I know is Leonie Dawson’s workbook, which I’ve bought for the third year in a row. Warning: the workbook is reaaaaally girly (watercolors and Goddess talk) and I’ve since unsubscribed to her blog since it got super-salesy in this past year, but the yearly workbook is worth the $10 as it’s super comprehensive. It forces me to get granular with my goals.
  • Something fun. Although I will miss watching the annual Monarchs Baby Race, we’re going to the Palace Theatre instead. I’m excited to do something different.
  • CNN. Because I can’t get enough of Anderson Cooper, mostly.


I’m ready for an amazing 2013. I’m putting it out there now, and I can’t wait for it to begin.


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