Back to it.


Well, it’s been far too long. As Gretchen Rubin likes to say, the days are long, but the years are short. Saturday nights have been relatively uneventful however, so it’s the perfect time for reflection. 

I don’t know when I got over my fear of looking stupid. I went to a hackathon today, and although it would have taken me days to code the programs that they put together in the hours we had, I stuck around. I wanted to see the final project, I wanted to see the sausage made and see it through to the end. If anything it inspired me to spend more time coding again, so I can get better. Once this degree is over. Let’s get to December and get one goal done at a time. 

What surprises me more is that people are flustered by my inability to care about looking stupid. I have no problem throwing out bad ideas publicly, even if they are bad, because they are part of the process. We need to get through the crap ideas to get to the good ones. People may remember the silly ideas, but the end product is the most important. Who cares if the process is bumpy? You learn along the way, people riff off each other, and the diamond in the rough will emerge.

So who cares if you fall seven times? You’re getting up eight. 


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